Why choose wooden toys

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There are many reasons why more and more people are choosing to buy their children toys that are made from wood rather than plastic. Possibly the biggest reason is the feeling of nostalgia that wooden toys provide. Then there are the environmental benefits of buying toys made from rubberwood. Another important reason is they allow children to use their imaginations. Remember the wooden stove you had when you were little? Or the wooden trike? Perhaps you had wooden puzzle cubes or wooden building blocks or a wooden doll house. Maybe you had a wooden marionette that kept the family entertained. The memories these sturdy gifts provide are lasting and we want our children to remember the special toys of their childhood as fondly as we do. 

These toys can help us to interact with our children by reliving our childhood and telling them stories about how we played with toys just like these. 
Wooden toys give a feeling of timeless tradition and careful construction. Purchasing a wooden toy, doesn’t feel like a disposable decision, it gives the future a link with its past and we all like to keep the precious memories with us. It is becoming increasingly popular for toy manufacturers to source the wood for their children’s toys from rubberwood plantations. The trees from these plantations are replaced once they have ceased providing economic benefit to the farmers who own them. 

The use of rubberwood for toy production protects natural forests from being destroyed, giving people the opportunity to enjoy the majestic history and ancient beauty of these special places. It also helps to promote an ecological balance in a world that is increasingly full of chemicals and unnatural creations.Never before has there been a time of such enormous technical advancement, the speed with which we are developing and accepting new technology is unprecedented. Young children have so much technology at their fingertips that they often rely on television, movies and computer games to entertain them. 

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baby toys that relate to characters seen on television etc can inhibit imagination and encourage reliance on acting out storylines rather than producing original ideas. Wooden toys, generally speaking, are free from these associations and children can let their imaginations run wild.   

Travel back in time with charming wooden cars from Indigo Jamm

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Travel back in time with charming wooden cars from Indigo Jamm
Indigo Jamm Toys

Made from sustainable rubber-wood and birch, these delightful toy travellers are ready for adventure. A classically charming gift, they’re great for early development, pretend play or just having fun.

Indigo Jamm make a range of quality wooden toys for children, but we especially love these retro-style vehicles and peg people.

The Colin Camper Van is a groovy design similar to a Kombi. It has a removable roof so little hands can easily play with the family inside. Mum, dad, two kids and a dog make up the family of peg people and each are colour-coded with matching seats. This adds an educational element of colour recognition to a traditionally fun toy.

Charlie’s Car has a bright smile and sporty style. An open top, plush sports car for Charlie and his friend to cruise in, this is a classic push along toy, ideal for children over 12 months.

There are many more beautiful wooden toys to be found at Indigo Jamm. To catch these groovy movers locally, try who have the Colin Camper Van for $69.99 plus shipping.

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