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Grooming and Bath Towel Essentials for a Newborn

Sandra Sully

Newborns have minimal grooming requirements. Parents mostly prefer to focus on hygiene and safety. However, there are certain grooming items a newborn cannot do without. Expecting parents must have these ready at home when the newborn arrives. Here’s the list of grooming items new parents cannot do without:

Baby Wipes

Wipes are an absolute must-have for grooming the newborn. The infant would soon need more than cleansings with damp cotton balls. That’s when you need to graduate to wipes. Use a good baby wipe brand to keep your baby clean during diaper changes. It’s important to choose a hypoallergenic, perfume-free brand as some infants develop allergic reactions to certain types of wipes.


Invest in high-quality Mi Baloo baby bath towel for those gentle and safe bath times. Your newborn would require washcloths made especially for this age. Infant washcloths are gentle and doesn’t feel abrasive on skin, as adult towels can sometimes be. Don’t reuse washcloths used by you or other siblings. You must purchase new washcloths for the newborn.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is recommended by paediatricians to treat a condition known as cradle cap. It’s essentially a dandruff-like dry skin issue of the scalp. Oil for babies can moisturize the scalp and minimize the effects of skin drying. Buy a baby oil that doesn’t use fragrances or palm oil. You can ask your paediatrician for produce recommendations.

Cotton Balls

You may have these in the first-aid kit at home. However, it’s best to purchase new cotton balls just for the infant. You would need these mainly for cleaning purposes. Gentle and slightly damp cotton balls are necessary for cleaning a newborn between nappy changes. Cotton balls are recommended for cleaning a newborn’s face as well until the child is old enough to tackle a full face wash.


It will be a while until your bundle of joy can brush teeth with bristles. Until then, use a baby toothbrush with big, gentle protrusions to get the gums clean. An infant toothbrush can help immensely with teething infants. If you are not sure if your newborn needs a baby toothbrush, get advice from your paediatrician.

Soft Comb

Some babies are born with a cap of soft and silky hair. Like with any hair, this should be brushed for keeping the scalp clean. Baby combs brush away not just dust but dead skin cells too. Purchase a very soft comb that won’t be harsh to your infant’s still developing scalp.

Gentle Soap

As the infant grows, it will be big enough for baths with soap. Infant soap products are everywhere, but parents need to be very careful about the brand they buy. Choose a newborn-specific gentle soap free of fragrances, dyes, and additives. Certain chemicals in soap—yes, even baby soap—can irritate a small child’s skin. Paediatricians recommend that shorter the ingredients list, the better the soap is.


Like with soap, purchase a gentle shampoo for your baby’s first full bath. Go for a tear-free formula that won’t irritate the eyes. Infants can’t really keep their eyes closed during a bath like older children. Therefore, a non-irritant formula is essential.

There you have it. Make sure you fill your shopping cart with the above items before the newborn arrives at home.



Why Bamboo Products Are Perfect For Your Little One

Sandra Sully

As a parent you always look for the very best products for your precious little one. It is your duty as a parent to provide the very best care for your children. So many people have started using bamboo products for their little ones in the recent past for reasons that are quite good indeed! Read the article below and get to know more details about these exquisite products!

It Is Antibacterial

Your baby needs the best protection that you can give. It is of paramount importance to select clothes that are made from the right type of fabric so that they will be able to enjoy comfort and protection. Bamboo cloth has amazing antibacterial qualities that make it perfect for little ones. The clothes that your newborn wears need to be always clean because the skin of the newborn in quite sensitive. Especially the nappies that you are using for the baby have to be high in antibacterial qualities. This will help protect your little one’s beautiful skin well.

The Fabric Is Super Soft

Your baby needs clothes made from soft cloth. Rough cloth will quite easily irritate the little one’s skin especially if they have a sensitive skin disorder like eczema. So you have to ensure the clothes that you pick for the baby are made using super soft cloth like bamboo fibre.  It will ensure maximum comfort to the precious one for sure. Look for leading suppliers of Bamboo towels has and you will be able to make some great purchases. You will be able to find lots of information about the best suppliers in the region when you research online. Make sure you invest your money on the right products from the start and you will have very little reasons to worry about later on.

It Is Hypoallergenic

If your little one has super sensitive skin, you will have to buy clothes that are made from hypoallergenic products like bamboo fibre. Most babies have very sensitive skin which needs to be well protected. So these specially designed clothes will be ideal for little ones without a doubt.

Helps Regulate Body Temperature

Babies need help with regulating the body temperature. Bamboo fibre cloth helps them to do this by providing great insulation. So your baby will be warm during the cold winter season and cold in the warm summer season when donned in clothes that are made from this super fabric. You will be able to keep your newborn comfortable and happy this way for sure.

Super Absorbency

The towels and nappies that you are using for the little one especially have to be super absorbent. If you don’t pick the right cloth for the baby, it will be quite hard to keep dampness off the precious, new skin. Your baby’s skin shouldn’t retain moisture after the bath so you have to ensure the towel you pick will absorb even the tiniest drop of water. Bamboo fibre cloth will do just this!

So you know all about the benefits and uses of bamboo fibre cloth! Now you can make some very wise purchase decisions when you go out shopping for your little baby or if you are looking for clothing tips .



Tips To Dress Your Baby in Summer

Sandra Sully

Dressing your baby for summer days needs a bit of consideration. You need to keep them protected but also don’t want to make them feel too warm. Here are some tips to help you with dressing up your little kid for summer.

Never Overdress

Make sure you are not overdressing them. While adding cute accessories will make them cute, sometimes they become uncomfortable in summer weather. Especially when it comes to socks and shoes. Try to consider more about their material instead of their appearance. Use ones that are not made of thick materials.

Light Colours Are Better

Stick to lighter colours. Dark colours tend to absorb more heat and can make your little kid overheated. Lighter colours do not have the same problem and therefore is the ideal kind of colours for your baby’s summer clothes to be. Black is a big no when it comes to baby outfits for summer. Lighter colours are often insulators of heat meaning they do not let the hot weather to creep in through the material.

It Is Ok to Add an Extra Layer

Sometimes, babies do not get warm as we would. This because their bodies are not used to adjusting to the temperature or regulating body temperatures as adult bodies. Therefore, there is a high tendency of them being colder than adults during the summer. It is always better to keep with you something made of lighter, material to cover up your little girl or little boy. Take a cotton blanket or a cardigan when you are going out if your baby gets hoe, you can sue these to cover him/ her up.

Cotton Clothes

Cotton bodysuits are a great option for baby summer wear. Not only they are very comfortable for the baby and simple and comfortable for the baby but they are also great to keep them protected from summer heat without overheating their bodies. Also dresses with short sleeves, cotton pyjamas, are some of the best outfits you can dress your kid up during the summer weather. Avoid clothes with too much layers and decorations such as puffy leaves that can make it too warm for the baby.

Hats and Caps

If you are going out, especially during the day time, a hat or a cap is an essential item. While too much accessories can make the baby uncomfortable, headdresses like caps and hats can be used to protect the baby from the sun. Especially if your little one is a newborn and has only thin hair that has not developed yet, he or she will definitely need something to cover up their heads. If you are outside and accidentally has forgotten to bring a cap or a hat for the baby, improvise and use a scarf. But make sure you tie it carefully and not too tight.

Just like dressing up for winter, you might have to have spate outfits to suit your baby’s comfort and protection depending on why you are dressing you up. While inside you might not need too much protection from the sun but while outside you may need to be a little extra careful. Discover more tips about Grooming and Bath time.


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Tips to Get Gifts for Kids Based on Age

Sandra Sully

When the kids are given a gift that is not suitable for them, it might be a bit of a disaster. If you are planning to give them play items as a gift, you definitely need to consider their age and how appropriate you gift is for them at that age. Here are some of the best play items for kids based on their age.

Under Age One

This is an age where the baby’s senses slowly start to develop. Therefore, gifts that suit this age include items that helps to develop baby’s use of senses and curiosity. Mobiles that can be hung above their crib is one of the best examples for this. Rattle and squeaky toys are also a safe bet since they are attracted to different sounds. If you want to help in calming them down during a bath, then get toys designed for baby bath time. Soft toys are also safe items for those in infant stage. To develop visual aid, you can start giving them books with pictures as well. But you have to make sure that they have round edges and is not harmful for the little one.

Toddlers (One to Three years)

There are some things to avoid at this age. Small objects that can fit into their mouths or noses are extremely dangerous. Especially since kids don’t know the danger of choking. And this is a risk that can happen during this age since it is also the teething stage. Avoid the ones that use small batteries as well as they and be swallowed too. Even ones that have sharp edges, and stuffed animals that are not properly sewn also can be hazardous. Some of the safe items to gift them are modelling clay, picture books, blocks, shape sorters, musical toys and puzzles. Not only are they safe gifts but also are educational.

Preschoolers (Four to Five Years)

Some of the items that can be given to toddlers are also good for preschoolers such as clay and puzzles. However, you can also give them more advanced things such as books instead of picture books. Some other items include art supplies such as crayons and color pencils, outdoor toys (sandbox, pail, shovel), dress up clothes and costumes and board games that are not too complex. What to avoid include electrical toys and those that are operated by remote controls, sharp objects and objects that use lead based paint.

Be very careful and conscious of the age of the children when you are choosing gifts for them. Since children often do not understand that these items are harmful they may get injured or even choke on these items after swallowing them accidently. Also make sure you do not give them items that are too complex for the kids such as complicated board games can actually become too strenuous on their thinking. So make sure you consider their age and check the labels and warning messages on the toy covers and packages before buying gifts for kids.