Choosing Winter Clothes for Babies

It is sometimes a bit difficult to decide how to dress up your kid for chilly weather. Specially infants, since you don’t know whether they are really comfortable or not. If you are worried about dressing up your kid with too many layers or whether you are dressing them up with less clothes. Take a look at these tips to see the best ways to make sure your kid is in the right clothes when it is cold.

Add Layers

It is a good idea to add a couple of layers when dressing up the baby, even when they are inside. Use a bodysuit or an onesie to begin with and add a top layer to it. If the baby is dressed up in long pants and a top, make sure to use socks to cover their feet. Think of how you would wear and try to layer up the baby’s clothes in a similar manner. For outside use an extra layer such as a snowsuit, or use a blanket to wrap the little one up.

Comfy Sleepwear

No matter how much you want to protect your baby from the cold, remember to keep them comfortable when they sleep. Remember that an infant’s sleeping method is influenced by what they are dressed in and comfortable clothes can help them to sleep better. Make sure your little one is not too sweaty or overheated. This may even keep them awake the whole night. Check their neck when they are sleeping to see if they are too hot. Don’t opt for very thick blankets either. Instead use something like a cotton blanket with footed pyjamas or pyjamas with socks. But if they sleep with you in bed, they might need less clothing than when they sleep alone as they are protected by your body heat.

Keep the Feet Warm

Always remember to keep their feet warm. Using onesies will help you to do this. When you cannot use onesies you can keep the baby’s feet covered with a pair of socks and when outside, with appropriate shoes. Wool shoes are a good way to keep them warm when you are outside. Try to check his/ her belly and toes when you come in from being outside. If the baby has a warm belly and warm toes she is overdressed. If they are cold, she needs more covering up.

A Little Bit of Extra

Onesies, snowsuits and socks are not always enough to keep little ones warm. Sometimes you need a little extra something to make sure they are protected from the cold weather. Use mittens to keep their hands warm, especially if you are taking them outside. A hat that covers the baby’s face properly is also needed. Make sure they cover the chin and ears specially. When they are in strollers zip up the stroller bags to protect their legs and feet from cold wind.

Never forget the fact that you have to dress the babies depending on the time. Outside, inside and sleeping will require different ways of covering them up. Therefore, before dressing them always consider what you are dressing them for.

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