Grooming and Bath Towel Essentials for a Newborn

Newborns have minimal grooming requirements. Parents mostly prefer to focus on hygiene and safety. However, there are certain grooming items a newborn cannot do without. Expecting parents must have these ready at home when the newborn arrives. Here’s the list of grooming items new parents cannot do without:

Baby Wipes

Wipes are an absolute must-have for grooming the newborn. The infant would soon need more than cleansings with damp cotton balls. That’s when you need to graduate to wipes. Use a good baby wipe brand to keep your baby clean during diaper changes. It’s important to choose a hypoallergenic, perfume-free brand as some infants develop allergic reactions to certain types of wipes.


Invest in high-quality Mi Baloo baby bath towel for those gentle and safe bath times. Your newborn would require washcloths made especially for this age. Infant washcloths are gentle and doesn’t feel abrasive on skin, as adult towels can sometimes be. Don’t reuse washcloths used by you or other siblings. You must purchase new washcloths for the newborn.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is recommended by paediatricians to treat a condition known as cradle cap. It’s essentially a dandruff-like dry skin issue of the scalp. Oil for babies can moisturize the scalp and minimize the effects of skin drying. Buy a baby oil that doesn’t use fragrances or palm oil. You can ask your paediatrician for produce recommendations.

Cotton Balls

You may have these in the first-aid kit at home. However, it’s best to purchase new cotton balls just for the infant. You would need these mainly for cleaning purposes. Gentle and slightly damp cotton balls are necessary for cleaning a newborn between nappy changes. Cotton balls are recommended for cleaning a newborn’s face as well until the child is old enough to tackle a full face wash.


It will be a while until your bundle of joy can brush teeth with bristles. Until then, use a baby toothbrush with big, gentle protrusions to get the gums clean. An infant toothbrush can help immensely with teething infants. If you are not sure if your newborn needs a baby toothbrush, get advice from your paediatrician.

Soft Comb

Some babies are born with a cap of soft and silky hair. Like with any hair, this should be brushed for keeping the scalp clean. Baby combs brush away not just dust but dead skin cells too. Purchase a very soft comb that won’t be harsh to your infant’s still developing scalp.

Gentle Soap

As the infant grows, it will be big enough for baths with soap. Infant soap products are everywhere, but parents need to be very careful about the brand they buy. Choose a newborn-specific gentle soap free of fragrances, dyes, and additives. Certain chemicals in soap—yes, even baby soap—can irritate a small child’s skin. Paediatricians recommend that shorter the ingredients list, the better the soap is.


Like with soap, purchase a gentle shampoo for your baby’s first full bath. Go for a tear-free formula that won’t irritate the eyes. Infants can’t really keep their eyes closed during a bath like older children. Therefore, a non-irritant formula is essential.

There you have it. Make sure you fill your shopping cart with the above items before the newborn arrives at home.


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