Quadrilla Marble Run Vertigo Set

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Quadrilla is a system of blocks and tracks that allow the energy of a marble to travel in unique paths that children create themselves. Kids will be kept busy for hours developing ways to make the marbles run faster, take longer routes or get to the end of the track first.

Quadrilla's versatile design allows children to determine the marble's path with endless options. Simple 2 or 3 level switches or complex multilevel, multidirectional layouts are possible depending on the builder's understanding of the function of each piece.

The possibilities are endless with the Quadrilla Vertigo Set which can be used on its own or together with other Quadrilla sets.

Set Includes:
•24 coloured blocks
•20 height adjusters
•6 base rings
•23 connectors
•3 twist rails
•7 straight rails
•50 marbles in a cotton storage bag
•instruction book

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