Tips To Dress Your Baby in Summer

Dressing your baby for summer days needs a bit of consideration. You need to keep them protected but also don’t want to make them feel too warm. Here are some tips to help you with dressing up your little kid for summer.

Never Overdress

Make sure you are not overdressing them. While adding cute accessories will make them cute, sometimes they become uncomfortable in summer weather. Especially when it comes to socks and shoes. Try to consider more about their material instead of their appearance. Use ones that are not made of thick materials.

Light Colours Are Better

Stick to lighter colours. Dark colours tend to absorb more heat and can make your little kid overheated. Lighter colours do not have the same problem and therefore is the ideal kind of colours for your baby’s summer clothes to be. Black is a big no when it comes to baby outfits for summer. Lighter colours are often insulators of heat meaning they do not let the hot weather to creep in through the material.

It Is Ok to Add an Extra Layer

Sometimes, babies do not get warm as we would. This because their bodies are not used to adjusting to the temperature or regulating body temperatures as adult bodies. Therefore, there is a high tendency of them being colder than adults during the summer. It is always better to keep with you something made of lighter, material to cover up your little girl or little boy. Take a cotton blanket or a cardigan when you are going out if your baby gets hoe, you can sue these to cover him/ her up.

Cotton Clothes

Cotton bodysuits are a great option for baby summer wear. Not only they are very comfortable for the baby and simple and comfortable for the baby but they are also great to keep them protected from summer heat without overheating their bodies. Also dresses with short sleeves, cotton pyjamas, are some of the best outfits you can dress your kid up during the summer weather. Avoid clothes with too much layers and decorations such as puffy leaves that can make it too warm for the baby.

Hats and Caps

If you are going out, especially during the day time, a hat or a cap is an essential item. While too much accessories can make the baby uncomfortable, headdresses like caps and hats can be used to protect the baby from the sun. Especially if your little one is a newborn and has only thin hair that has not developed yet, he or she will definitely need something to cover up their heads. If you are outside and accidentally has forgotten to bring a cap or a hat for the baby, improvise and use a scarf. But make sure you tie it carefully and not too tight.

Just like dressing up for winter, you might have to have spate outfits to suit your baby’s comfort and protection depending on why you are dressing you up. While inside you might not need too much protection from the sun but while outside you may need to be a little extra careful. Discover more tips about Grooming and Bath time.


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