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Tips to Get Gifts for Kids Based on Age

When the kids are given a gift that is not suitable for them, it might be a bit of a disaster. If you are planning to give them play items as a gift, you definitely need to consider their age and how appropriate you gift is for them at that age. Here are some of the best play items for kids based on their age.

Under Age One

This is an age where the baby’s senses slowly start to develop. Therefore, gifts that suit this age include items that helps to develop baby’s use of senses and curiosity. Mobiles that can be hung above their crib is one of the best examples for this. Rattle and squeaky toys are also a safe bet since they are attracted to different sounds. If you want to help in calming them down during a bath, then get toys designed for baby bath time. Soft toys are also safe items for those in infant stage. To develop visual aid, you can start giving them books with pictures as well. But you have to make sure that they have round edges and is not harmful for the little one.

Toddlers (One to Three years)

There are some things to avoid at this age. Small objects that can fit into their mouths or noses are extremely dangerous. Especially since kids don’t know the danger of choking. And this is a risk that can happen during this age since it is also the teething stage. Avoid the ones that use small batteries as well as they and be swallowed too. Even ones that have sharp edges, and stuffed animals that are not properly sewn also can be hazardous. Some of the safe items to gift them are modelling clay, picture books, blocks, shape sorters, musical toys and puzzles. Not only are they safe gifts but also are educational.

Preschoolers (Four to Five Years)

Some of the items that can be given to toddlers are also good for preschoolers such as clay and puzzles. However, you can also give them more advanced things such as books instead of picture books. Some other items include art supplies such as crayons and color pencils, outdoor toys (sandbox, pail, shovel), dress up clothes and costumes and board games that are not too complex. What to avoid include electrical toys and those that are operated by remote controls, sharp objects and objects that use lead based paint.

Be very careful and conscious of the age of the children when you are choosing gifts for them. Since children often do not understand that these items are harmful they may get injured or even choke on these items after swallowing them accidently. Also make sure you do not give them items that are too complex for the kids such as complicated board games can actually become too strenuous on their thinking. So make sure you consider their age and check the labels and warning messages on the toy covers and packages before buying gifts for kids.

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